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As an experienced Yoga Instructor since 2023, my goal has been to help bring together body and mind. Situated in the San Francisco area, I incorporate a variety of traditional practices in movement, breath, and meditation to help each student practice their own unique form of yoga. Are you ready to make a positive change in your lifestyle?

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If you've ever felt like you don't belong

(even once)

you're already a card-carrying member

of cult Mysfit


There's a spot saved just for you

Let's just be ourselves, together


Available anywhere virtually or within a 10 mile radius of PHX, AZ

Let Mysfit come to you, in real life or on the data-sphere!

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Align the outside with the in. Synchronize body, mind & soul to meet your own needs and maximize manifestation. All you need to play? Breath.

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Like a massage for the soul. Energy work with emphasis on vitality & healing the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. Balance centers and connect to your inner guides.



Ready for a reality check? Select from a variety of Tarot spreads to gain insight into your home, health, career, finance, and relationships. There's no holding back!

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mysfit yoga STYLES

Each session offers mindful movement through a sequence of yogic postures, guided by breath. Syncing body with breath generates energy and stability, induces mental clarity and relieves tension. 

Simply put, feel good, do good.

 Classes are distinguished by a sliding scale of ease and effort

 They can be customized to your goals & needs

 Find strength and length at the edge of your comfort zone

 Accessible to all levels with modification encouraged

 Anything discovered on the mat is yours to keep

BLISS 60 MIN YIN | Want to feel like you've moved your body without really moving your body, this restorative style is for you. Incorporate gentle movements with supported stillness and breathwork. Permission granted to seek stillness or movement or a combination.

EASE  ●  ●  -  -  -  EFFORT

SLOW FLOW 75 MIN VINYASA  | Practice ease within effort and effortless ease using slow dynamic stretching and generous cool down. Poses are linked together by breath with emphasis on creating stability to enjoy release. Consciously slow down time to let go and get loose.

EASE  -  -  ●  -  -  EFFORT

GO FLOW 60 MIN VINYASA | Feel the joy of your own organic, orgasmic form with both physically and mentally challenging postures. Begin grounded and finish relaxed, with an emphasis on controlled movement to the rhythm of your breath. Savor each sensation without judgement, finding fun in the messy middle.

EASE  -  -  -  ●  ●  EFFORT

 ☯ adjustments & reiki included at the end of each session!  ☯ 


INCLUDES one custom MY FLOW built for your needs at your choice of location, adjustments, reiki savasana, mats & music

my yoga


Mobile* | up to 3 persons

I come to your residence!

Any style of MY YOGA. Discuss with Amanda for a flow customized to your needs. Always an option to be surprised. Bundle to save.


x3 pack

+  25MIN REIKI       $40

+  15MIN TAROT     $20

my yoga: AMplify



Mobile* | 1 person

Add a single 25min of Reiki or a Tarot Reading to your MY YOGA session. Healing rituals can be a great way to supercharge. Bundle to save.


x3 pack

+ PERSON                $20

+ SESSION               $60

my yoga: EVENT


Mobile* | 12 persons

Treat the crew to a custom party flow, perfect for first timers or practicing yogis. Build trust and camraderie during special event retreats

tips appreciated

+ PERSON                $5

30 participants max, mats not included

* up to 10 mile drive radius from CENTRAL PHX. Locations outside service area, subject to additional fees

maybe some cuss'n

mats available

Everyone is unique, every body distinct, each moment we create anew

Overcome addiction to reaction by choosing an action that's best for you

Because anxiety and excitement are the same chemical cocktail

And since when did our fears call the shots

If the only thing constant is change

Why not be the strangest in the room



Phoenix, AZ 85016

TEXT ME 602.781.5493

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